16 September 2017

There is a Calderdale Green Party meeting on the draft Calderdale Local Plan in The Town Hall, Hebden Bridge, 7.30pm Tuesday 19th Sept.

We think there needs to be a space not dominated by our MP - who has hosted various public meetings on the draft local plan - where people can discuss the draft and work out how best to get key points across in the public consultation which ends soon.

All are welcome. The Green party is hosting it for everyone - the format will be for us to briefly (5 mins) outline why we are not happy with the draft plan and key points about what would be better, and then for everyone to say what their issues are. And then a session where we sift and discuss those issues and come up with a list of points made that can go in consultation responses. On the basis that there is strength in numbers and lots of people saying similar things is probably going to be more effective than not.

This is important and we think the current draft is weak and needs radically reframing. And that includes pointing out that the reason for the draft's weakness is the government's policy of deregulating planning, to allow economic growth to override all else and to promote the business interests of high volume big house building companies above environmental protections and social needs.

We look forward to hearing all views and facilitating their discussion.

Local plan meeting 19 Sept 2017 

Yorkshire & Humberside

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