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Calderdale Green Party

Please volunteer to help us and sign up to come to our events.

What we are for

We invite you to join us in working for justice, equality and protection of the natural resources that sustain us, to turn Calderdale into a fairer, greener place to live and work.

We will achieve this by working for:

  • a fair shares economy
  • a safe climate and environment
  • a properly funded, publicly owned, run and provided NHS and other public services

Working together for a fairer, greener future

Calderdale Green Party is one of the local parties within the Green Party of England and Wales. We aim to work for a just, equitable and sustainable community in Calderdale. We focus our efforts through the electoral system, and through direct action and campaigns outside the formal political system.

The current situation

Calderdale Green Party has grown rapidly and in 2015 this meant we were able, for the first time, to stand a candidate for every seat in the Calderdale Council elections.

We have three town councillors: We have two town councillors: Penny Marrington and Dave Wardell on Todmorden Town Council.

We are working on a Target to Win strategy and over the summer will be asking members to help with this task. For more info and to get involved please contact

Real Progress across the UK

The Green Party of England and Wales now has more elected representatives in more influential positions than ever before.

Caroline Lucas is our first MP.

There are  three Members of the European Parliament and two London Assembly members.

Jenny Jones represents us in the House of Lords.

The  Party has 166 councillors across England and Wales.

The Scottish Greens have three members in the Scottish Parliament.

Real Progress at Meetings

Calderdale Green Party meets monthly, usually on the first Tuesday of each month. Generally there is a public meeting one month and the next month, a business meeting for members only. All meetings are open to any member/

For more info, please see the Events and Meetings page

How to join us

To join the Green Party, receive the magazine Green World and be entitled to vote at national conferences, click here.

How to find out more or ask for help from Calderdale Green Party

You can find out more about Calderdale Green Party, including contact details, on this website.

Our Town Councillors are happy to assist in Hebden Royd and Todmorden.

If you’re a Green Party Member and would like to raise any ideas, issues or complaints please in the first instance email the Chair, Tessa Gordzieko.

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