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A Green voice for Calderdale

Thank you to all those who supported our crowdfunding campaign to elect Green Councillors to Calderdale Council which raised over £500 towards getting a Green voice on Calderdale Council.

We need a Green voice on Calderdale Council to bring more focus to the Covid-19 recovery and to addressing the climate emergency. While other parties to varying degrees have adopted green policies, they have no comprehensive and integrated strategy. Greens do and they bring a fresh voice to Council decisions.

Recovery from Covid-19 requires:

  • heightened support for
    • our children and young people whose education and leisure has been affected;
    • young adults whose employment options have been most affected by the pandemic;
    • those of all ages whose loneliness, mental illness or abuse has increased during the pandemic;
    • carers of all ages who have been affected by the pandemic;
  • long term support
    • for those whose physical or mental health have been affected by the pandemic;
    • to improve the health and well-being of all citizens, not least to increase their resilience to mutations in the virus.

Tackling the climate emergency requires action to:

  • reduce the carbon footprint of all council activities;
  • improve the energy efficiency of all buildings, private and commercial;
  • reduce air pollution to below WHO recommended limits;
  • mitigate flooding in the Calder Valley;
  • create new, sustainable, green jobs;
  • create training opportunities to enable people to take green jobs.

Green councillors will fight to ensure:

  • support for all those directly or indirectly affected by the pandemic;
  • that improving energy efficiency is at the heart of all decisions;
  • that transport plans encourage more use of public transport and more cycle routes and reduce air pollution through electrification of transport, provision of charging points for cars, etc;
  • natural flood management and appropriate upland management alongside avoiding development on flood plains;
  • the protection of green spaces and the development of biodiversity within Calderdale;
  • a local plan that can support the above.

Calderdale Green Party plans to achieve and sustain a Green voice on the Council step by step, building on each successful election to demonstrate the value of a Green voice on the Council to its citizens.

Andrew Cooper, Green Party Candidate for West Yorkshire Mayor, has promised action to support a green recovery from the pandemic and local action to tackle global warming.

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