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Dave Wardell and Penny Marrington are our Green Councillors on Todmorden Town Council.

Dave Wardell Dave Wardell Penny MarringtonPenny Marrington

Local election candidates


Kieran Turner - Our #GE2017 Candidate

Kieran Turner #GE2017

Kieran Turner, a humanitarian aid worker for 20 years, lives in Todmorden and works at Bradford University supporting student democracy and welfare campaigns.
Kieran moved to the area from the North West, drawn by  Calder Valley’s beauty and our strong, energetic communities that are intent on protecting and enhancing the environment and building social solidarity.
Kieran said,
“Calder Valley’s rail service desperately needs upgrading - not least to improve air quality and reduce the pressure on our roads. The Green Party aims to renationalise railways and other key public infrastructure. We can’t go on suffering inadequate services while corporate shareholders profit from public money.
Sustainability is key. We need a one planet economy that serves a fair society - not one that trashes the climate and exploits the vulnerable.
I strongly support animal rights. The Green Party would ban driven grouse shooting; this would end destructive land management practices on the moors that increase flood risk in the Valley.
The US-sourced Trident nuclear system must go. It doesn’t serve any useful defence purpose and its incredible £3.6billion/ year cost would be better spent on public services - our NHS in particular.
To restore democracy by bringing about fair elections, Greens support an immediate move to proportional representation - while keeping the constituency link. Talk of sovereignty and “taking back control” is meaningless when most of the public is not represented at all in Westminster. 
Of course the European Union needs reform, particularly its financial institutions, but I love it for its part in maintaining peace and collaboration -the only way to solve global problems. Once we know what the Brexit deal is, the public should have the final say in a ratification referendum that includes the choice to stay in the EU.
Many people feel deeply disconnected from politics. In 2015, more Calder Valley people didn’t vote, than voted for Craig Whittaker, the MP.  There is a clear need to do politics differently and better and this is my aim.”
Promoted by Mark Mullany on behalf of Kieran Turner both at 1, Post Office Buildings, Barkisland, Halifax HX4 0AL

Angharad Turner

I moved to Todmorden in 2016 because I love the place. It’s a great town full of independent businesses and vibrant community projects. As your councillor, I would do everything I can to support and promote this.

I oppose the council’s plans to demolish Todmorden College and support keeping it as a community resource. We need this space where our fantastic local initiatives in natural building, alternative energy and community agriculture can thrive.

As a regular public transport user, I am shocked at the lack of accessibility in Todmorden rail station and throughout the Calder valley. I support the campaign for step-free access to the Leeds platform of Todmorden rail station and will campaign for a public transport system that works for all.

Thanks to the great NHS care I received, I have recently made a full recovery from a very debilitating depression. We must stop the cuts to NHS mental health and other services that are happening across Calderdale. I will campaign for the retention and development of the life saving Calderdale Arts Psychotherapy service, based on the service users’ recommendations.

My working background is in archives and recordkeeping. I am passionate about accountability and access to information. As a councillor I would promote transparency and make myself directly accountable to you.

I joined the Green Party in 2014 for its long-term environmental plan and its commitment to building sustainable communities. We have made great progress in Todmorden. I want to help us to do even better.