Frank Holt

Frank Holt - Green Party Candidate for Warley Ward May 2018

I am a retired Telecomms Technical Officer and have lived in Calderdale for 23 years. I am still a member of my union, the Communication Workers’ Union, where I served as a branch officer and also as editor of the union branch magazine. For a long time I have taken an interest in politics and economics and have a BA degree in Social Science.
If elected I would vote against all further cuts in local government spending and campaign to reverse all previous cuts. In my view public spending is one way in which working people can be compensated for the vast inequalities of wealth that exist within our present economic system. Unless we stop these cuts now, inequalities will increase and millions will be further impoverished. We need to start changing things now.
Contrary to what we are being told, the money is available. It is being stashed away in offshore bank accounts by wealthy individuals and corporations in order to avoid paying tax. We must make this illegal.

Election Candidates May 3rd 2018

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Hebden Royd Town Council By-election 3 May 2018

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