Calderdale Green Party reselects Kieran Turner as its Parliamentary Candidate for Calder Valley

14 January 2019

Calderdale Green Party reselects Kieran Turner as its Parliamentary Candidate for Calder Valley, in anticipation of a possible General Election in 2019.

An election looks ever more possible as the Government makes a shambles of the Brexit process.

The Green Party trust the British public and want the public to have the final say on any deal.

Our Calder Valley Parliamentary Candidate, Kieran Turner, is standing up for a people’s vote, and for retaining Britain’s powerful position in the EU.Vote Green

Kieran (bottom row, centre) says, “The Conservative Party has shown itself incapable of preparing for the realities we now know Brexit will mean. Far from “taking back control”, Government plans would leave us with a smaller democratic voice than we have now.

“Here in the Calder Valley we are never far from the threat of flooding. That flood risk is made harder to manage by the unpredictability caused by climate change. Only strong collaborative work between nations can save our planet. Brexit has been a terrible distraction from this essential effort.

“It’s now obvious that Brexit is also hurting business, and jobs. There is no such thing as a “pro-jobs Brexit”. The damage Brexit will do to UK trade will severely damage our ability to invest in industry, the health service, schools, and local infrastructure.

“It’s time for all of us to elect Greens who will prioritise urgent work to secure the environment, for the sake of our homes, our jobs, and our children’s future.”


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