Commentary on Local Flooding and Action taken. Barry Crossland

6 January 2019

Calderdale Floods

The Talking Politics column with Councillor Barry Crossland

I trust information from organisations with no need to mislead or distort. The Met Office is such an organisation and they have forecast a rise in global temperatures with increased extreme weather.

In Calderdale we have already experienced extreme weather with the Boxing Day floods in 2015 and a very unusual year in 2018.
For the first time in 60 years of gardening I was watering plants and bushes in early November.
Governments, including our own, are not taking action to reduce greenhouse gases and concentrations of greenhouse gases are increasing.
Hence, more extreme weather is more... read more

Yorkshire & Humberside

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  • Bradford Green councillors demand urgent council funding to prevent "financial failure" during coronavirus crisis
  • York Greens secure halt in rent increase for council tenants

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