Universal Basic Income

Natalie Bennett, Former Leader of the Green Party, addressed a public meeting held on Tuesday, 3 July 2018 in Halifax on the subject of Universal Basic Income.

Notes of her talk are available in this PDF.

Parents and teachers against forced academies


Katherine Horner, our candidate in Ovenden, has set up an all-party group, Parents and teachers against forced academies, with other parents and invites statements of support from others. These can be emailed to:

Katherine says:

I am against the new proposal on forced academies because I feel it takes away parents’ choice in how their children are educated. Also the removal of parent governors from school governing bodies damages the relationship between parents and schools. Heads and teachers working with parents are the best people to take schools forward and work together to solve any challenges schools may face. When the government has just changed the curriculum and imposed SATS for 7 year olds, it’s crazy to put teachers under more pressure by forcing schools to convert to academy status. There is no evidence to show that converting a school that is functioning well and providing a good standard of education from a council maintained school to an academy improves the school’s performance. Nicky Morgan should listen to the people who work within schools instead of taking risks with our children’s education on the basis of unproven ideology.

We have a network of excellent primary schools in North Halifax that already work together to share ideas and make sure children in Ovenden receive a good standard of education. I will work with schools and any other groups to ensure what’s best for the children, teachers and parents is always at the forefront of any changes that are made.


The Tories are proposing to replace the Human Rights Act with a Bill of Rights. At the local party meeting on 1 December 2015, John Hudson introduced the Human Rights Act Flat Pack produced by the Green Party to support local party campaigning against the Tory proposal along with a background paper on the issues.

The European Convention on Human Rights and the UK Bill of Rights: a briefing paper

Human Rights Act - Green Party flatpack information sheets A4

 Human Rights Act - Green Party information and resources booklet


Save Our Human Rights Act

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