Derek Sykes

Derek Sykes - Green Party Candidate for Park Ward May 2019

Derek Sykes

I am a recent convert from the Labour party, and joined the Green party as the only logical answer to the vicious extremes of the Tory party, with its ruthless austerity and the Brexit travesty, which in my opinion is a looming calamity for this nation and must be stopped.
I spent many years in financial services as a business owner and manager, and bring this experience to my support of the Green Party and its aims and principles, all of which are for the common good. Born and raised here in Halifax I am now retired, and can devote my full time efforts to the position of Councilman for the Park ward here in Halifax.
The Green party is experiencing an upsurge of public support because of its dedication to challenging privilege, delivering quality of life for all, improving our working lives, ending discrimination, and saving the environment upon which we all depend for our lives and future, and for the future of our children.
In my opinion The Green Party is the only alternative to the mess the other parties are making in the government of our country. It is time for a change in direction, and for a Green government of the British people for the common good.


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