Barry Crossland is the Green Party candidate for the Rastrick Councillor by-election on 8th June

20 May 2017

Barry Crossland is the Green Party candidate for the Rastrick Councillor by-election on 8th June.

Barry Crosland

Barry has lived in Calderdale since 1967 and in Elland for the last 30 years. He taught at Calderdale College from 1963-91 and always used to cycle to work until his best friend was knocked off his bike and killed. He has always lived close to work so that even if it snowed he could walk in. Barry now works part time running his own business, Pool Water Services.

He has a keen interest in environmental matters and is a member of Cromwell Bottom Wildlife Group and a life member of the National Trust. He has grown fruit and veg for nearly 50 years, composting organic waste for use in the garden. His house both conserves and generates energy, as it is insulated, double glazed and has solar panels.

With an active lifetime’s participation in sport, Barry has contributed to the admin of his various clubs, including 10 years as membership secretary of Queens Sports Club plus other roles. He was a governor of Rastrick HIgh for four years until his first wife became ill.

If elected, Barry would like to make sure that Calderdale Council does better in the following areas:

1. Climate change. The council could improve insulation standards in council buildings and use solar PV on public buildings. Planning permission should only be granted to buildings built to low carbon emissions, eg. Passivhaus.

2. Flood prevention. The present plan is very weak in this area. I think a big effort is needed in water containment. I calculated that the rainwater that caused the major floods was about two Scammonden reservoirs full.

3.Encourage people to live close to work.

4. Encourage people to compost organic waste. The less the council has to collect saves energy.


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