Calderdale Green Party has selected Kieran Turner as our GE2017 candidate for Calder Valley.

3 May 2017

Kieran TurnerCalderdale Green Party has selected Kieran Turner as our GE2017 candidate for Calder Valley.

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Kieran, who lives in Todmorden, works at Bradford University as well as for some international humanitarian aid charities.

Kieran said, “The Green Party has the honest, ethical approach that is desperately wanted by many people – people who currently feel deeply disconnected from politics. I want to share with people the simple common sense and good values inherent in Green policies.

Sustainability should be a thread running throughout every area of public policy. We need to act on the basis that the economy is there to serve society, and not as an end in itself.

I will campaign strongly for the renationalisation of the railways and other key public services and infrastructure.

In terms of democracy, I believe one of the most pressing issues for the UK is moving immediately to proportional representation to bring about fair elections.

Finally, whilst I believe there are many reforms needed in Europe, particularly its financial institutions, I nevertheless love the EU for its part in maintaining peace and collaboration. Its electoral system is in fact more democratic than our own. Brexit is a disastrous plan, and I will do all I can to engage its supporters in considering the wider philosophical issue that solving global problems requires collaboration, not isolation.”

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