Green Party candidate for the Fairfield ward by-election

26 January 2017

Jenny Shepherd is the Green Party candidate for Hebden Royd Town Councillor in the Fairfield ward by-election on February 16th.

Jenny has lived in Hebden Bridge for 24 years and raised two children here.

She’s a writer and retired lecturer and was the Calder Valley Green Parliamentary candidate in the 2015 General Election.

As the Calderdale Green Party Campaigns Officer, she is active in both Green Party and non-party campaigns to make things better in the Calder Valley - mainly flood alleviation, biodiversity restoration, reducing climate change, and defending and restoring the NHS and other public services.

Jenny said,
“As Farfield ward town councillor, I will stand up for people’s interests.
Air in the centre of Hebden Bridge is polluted beyond legal limits and this is something that urgently needs tackling.

Fairfield ward suffers from both hillside and river flooding and I will do my best to make sure that natural flood measures are taken to reduce this risk.”

Other issues Jenny pledges to tackle as Fairfield ward town councillor include the need for an environmentally friendly, socially beneficial development on Brown’s Field and support for local businesses and co-ops.

Jenny added,

“Since White Lee ward elected Cllr Elizabeth King as their Green Party Town Councillor, I’ve seen the  difference a Green voice makes in Hebden Royd Town Council. 

Cllr King has often been the only Town Councillor to attend Neighbourhood Plan meetings and Calderdale Green Party has worked with her to make sure that the Plan includes environmentally sound measures to reduce flood risk and climate change. We have submitted a full response to the Neigbourhood Plan consultation to back up Cllr King’s work on this issue in Hebden Royd Town Council.”

Jenny Shepherd

Jenny Shepherd

Green Councillors work for the common good

Cllr Elizabeth King successfully introduced her Animal Welfare Motion, that Hebden Royd Town Council recently adopted. Greens are pleased that the Town Council is willing to work cross-party and as your Councillor, Jenny would be looking to do this too.

Elizabeth King

Elizabeth King

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