Calderdale Green Party launches General Election campaign in Calder Valley

Candidate Launch

Kieran Turner from Todmorden is Calderdale Green Party’s Parliamentary candidate for Calder Valley.  A humanitarian aid worker for 20 years, Kieran now works at Bradford University supporting student democracy and welfare campaigns.

Kieran stands for:

A one-planet economy,  tackling both climate change and child poverty while providing secure, living wage jobs.

Renationalising key public services like the NHS and railways. As a rich society, we can and must fund these adequately.

The EU as peacekeeper.  Once the Brexit deal is clear, the public must have the final say that includes the choice to stay in the EU.

Restoring public trust in politics. In 2015 more Calder Valley people didn’t vote, than voted for the MP.

Kieran said,

“The Green Party has the honest, ethical approach that is desperately wanted by many people – people who currently feel deeply disconnected from politics.

I hope people will share with me their views and thoughts about how to build a society that works for the common good, for both people and planet. This campaign is an opportunity for a real, open public conversation.

To restore democracy by bringing about fair elections, Greens support an immediate move to proportional representation - while keeping the constituency link. Talk of sovereignty and “taking back control” is meaningless when most of the public is not represented at all in Westminster.

There is a clear need to do politics differently and better and this is my aim.”

Kieran Turner #GE2017

Turning Calderdale Green

Kieran’s campaign will highlight the importance of our local manifesto, Turning Calderdale Green.

This has three key aims:

Safe Climate and Environment
A Fair Shares, One Planet Economy
Decent Public Services

Over the last two years, Calderdale Green Party has publicly stood up for specific local measures to achieve these goals. We need an MP who will help legislate and budget at the national level to support them.

Safe Climate and Environment

We have called for:

Recognition of the role of climate change in flooding and the need for Calderdale Council to make climate change reduction central to all its policies - including the new Calderdale Local Plan.

Natural flood management measures, and for a dedicated Calderdale Council Officer to carry them out.

A ban on driven grouse shooting in order to stop destructive land management practices associated that destroy biodiversity and increase flood risk.

Challenging UK government breaches of EU Natura 2000 habitat and wildlife conservation rules on Walshaw Moor Estate.

A coherent transport policy for Calderdale that prioritises walking, cycling and public transport, provides full disability access and reduces air pollution.

The need for Calderdale Council to adopt a zero waste policy and act on it - instead of supporting increased waste incineration via its new, outsourced waste management contract.

A Green shape to Hebden Royd and Todmorden Neighbourhood Plans.
A frack free planet, with Councils, banks and companies divesting from fossil fuel industries and support for Caroline Lucas’s “kick fossil fuels out of politics” petition.

An end to public subsidies for coal and biomass electricity generation - particularly at Drax.  Large scale biomass - far from reducing carbon emissions - is dirtier than coal and also destroys forests in the USA to provide the wood pellets.

Support for green building methods for increased health as well as climate change reduction.

Nuclear disarmament. Nuclear weapons, along with climate change, are the ultimate threat to the environment.

Kieran said:

"The US-sourced Trident nuclear system must go. It doesn’t serve any useful defence purpose and its incredible £3.6billion/ year cost would be better spent on public services - our NHS in particular.”

A fair shares, one planet economy

Our Green Todmorden Town Councillors support Community Benefit Society schemes like turning the sadly defunct Tod college into Todmorden Learning Centre for sustainable building, energy and farming methods for the future; and building a Strawbale Hotel in Todmorden Town Centre.

We have consistently challenged the "austerity" lie, lobbied Calderdale Council in 2016 and 2017 about its cuts budgets and have proposed alternatives.

We are starting to develop proposals for what a fair shares, one-planet economy in Calderdale could look like.

Good public services

Alongside cross party/no party local campaigns, Calderdale Green Party has campaigned tirelessly to reclaim the NHS and social care from cuts and privatisation.

We have generated support for the NHS Reinstatement Bill that would restore the NHS to full public ownership, management and provision;  argued in meetings with NHS commissioners to keep both Halifax and Huddersfield A&Es open; taken part in vocal public campaigns to stop the cuts-driven Sustainability and Transformation Plan that is set to cut £1bn from NHS and social care spending in West Yorkshire and Harrogate by 2020/21 - with Calderdale’s share of these cuts amounting to £79m; supported the service users’ campaign to keep Calderdale Arts Psychotherapy Service open in the face of its  threatened closure; and supported the Junior Doctors’ strike on the community picket at Calderdale Royal Hospital

We stand up for restoration of schools to local authority, democratically accountable control  and against forced academies, primary school SATs and cuts to schools budgets.

Calderdale Green Party has selected Kieran Turner as our GE2017 candidate for Calder Valley.


Kieran Turner
Kieran, who lives in Todmorden, works at Bradford University as well as for some international humanitarian aid charities.

Kieran said, “The Green Party has the honest, ethical approach that is desperately wanted by many people – people who currently feel deeply disconnected from politics. I want to share with people the simple common sense and good values inherent in Green policies.

Sustainability should be a thread running throughout every area of public policy. We need to act on the basis that the economy is there to serve society, and not as an end in itself.

I will campaign strongly for the renationalisation of the railways and other key public services and infrastructure.

In terms of democracy, I believe one of the most pressing issues for the UK is moving immediately to proportional representation to bring about fair elections.

Finally, whilst I believe there are many reforms needed in Europe, particularly its financial institutions, I nevertheless love the EU for its part in maintaining peace and collaboration. Its electoral system is in fact more democratic than our own. Brexit is a disastrous plan, and I will do all I can to engage its supporters in considering the wider philosophical issue that solving global problems requires collaboration, not isolation.”

Green Party Hustings

General Election June 8th 2017

Please support our crowdfunding campaign #GE2017

Calderdale Green Party have launched a crowdfunding campaign  to raise the two £500 deposits we need in order to stand candidates in the 2017 General Election.

The Green Party does not receive multi million pound handouts from rich bankers and businesses - all bribes to keep the status quo - and we look to our members and supporters for help.

Please give what you can, so we can stand candidates in Halifax and Calder Valley constituencies.

The candidate selection hustings meeting is at 7.30 pm on Tuesday, 2 May 2017 at The Wharf Cafe Bar, Wharf Street, Sowerby Bridge HX6 2LA.

Please note that the selection hustings will take place under the emergency arrangements put in place for the snap election and only those members present at the hustings will be able to vote on the candidates or on any other decisions about the election campaign taken at the meeting.

You can keep up to date with our #GE2017 campaign on Twitter at @caldergreens and Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/CalderdaleGreenParty/- or through this website.

Thank you for your support.

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The Next Calderdale Council Elections are in May 2018

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